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About Us

BeatBucket® drums were created by Ted Owen, a board-certified music therapist and long-time professional drummer and percussionist with a bachelor’s degree in music performance. Ted lives and breathes rhythm and likes nothing better than spreading the joy of music to anyone he encounters – especially by playing drums (and if you ask him nicely, he’ll also play guitar or keyboard).

    Thinking a bucket drum would be a fun, durable, and easy instrument to use in his music therapy practice, Ted started experimenting with many different types of plastic buckets, plastic lids, and drumsticks/mallets, which eventually led him to finding the perfect BeatBucket® combination. The drums have indeed been a big hit with his clients (bad pun intended), and other music therapists are now asking where they can get their own BeatBucket® drum.

    Ted’s also a true problem-solver. Present him with any sort of problem – from engine trouble to a hangnail – and 95% of the time his solution is, “Drum circle!” He ardently believes in the healing powers of music for people struggling with health issues – whether physical, emotional, or mental.  Spend any time with Ted and you’ll quickly learn that creating music with others can be truly magical.

"My 11 year-old son is TOTALLY enjoying playing his BeatBucket drum!"

Brooke McSwain

insurance agent and mom