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“The BeatBucket has arrived! I opened the box today during one of my special needs classes. They LOVED it! Thanks so very much!”        --- Shirley Griffin, music teacher, Lincoln Elementary Music, Forest Grove, Oregon



If you already have a five-gallon plastic bucket but would like the versatility of a BeatBucket® drum, you might want to order a LidKit, which includes one of our lids and a pair of soft-covered mallets (see the products page for more info).

Do keep in mind that what makes BeatBucket® drums unique is the combination of the specific bucket, lid, and mallets that, to our ears, creates the best drum-like sounds of all the buckets, lids and drumsticks we experimented with. And we experimented a lot. Like, a LOT.

BeatBucket® LidKit

Got Bucket?

We can hear you asking,

“But I already have my own plastic bucket. Can’t I make my own drum out of it?”


Now here’s our disclaimer (you knew there had to be one): We can’t guarantee the sound you’ll get by using your own plastic bucket because all plastic buckets and lids are definitely not created equal! During our research phase, we were amazed at the varying tones that came from different types of buckets – the color of the buckets and lids can make a difference as well. So please, go ahead and use your own bucket, but just remember it might not live up to our impossibly high standards.

One itty bitty little detail re: LidKits: All of our drums come with a hole drilled into the bottom rim of the drum where a shoulder strap can be hooked on by way of a cable tie. The other end of the strap hooks onto a cable tie in the hole made for the bucket handle that’s been removed. (Need some used bucket handles? We’ve got tons of ‘em.) If you buy a LidKit from us to use with your own bucket and want to use a shoulder strap, you’ll need to drill a small hole into the bottom rim of the drum. Or, you could simply attach both ends of the shoulder strap to one of the holes made for the bucket handle and play it “parade drum”-style (think old-school marching bands).